6 Gennaio 2017


ClimbingWall Accessories :

A full set of accessories is available for the Inflatable Climbing Wall
  • Standard Single Engine Blower
  • Extra Double boosted Blower
  • 3 Inflatable Fenders
  • Set of floating ropes
  • Stainless Steel 316 hooks and joints
  • Printed Yacht Logo on sides of Climbingwall
  • Printed Yacht Name on sides of Climbingwall
  • Custom Climbingwall Colors from our PVC colors selection
  • Special Custom holds
  • Custom Lifting Bag for storage
  • Pression Control

Inflatable Water Patio РNew entry 

Original Superyacht Inflatable Deck ideal for docking tender and toys, thanks to its unique structure , is capable of high concentrated loads and incredible stability. Ideal for use like an additional stern docking area or as sunbathing area. When packed its dimensions and weight are minimal so that can be easily managed by one person only.You can decide shape and colors so to match with your yacht colors and shape.

Completely customizable it can be built following the needs , design and dimensions at your choice. When packed it can be easily stored onboard even in small spaces and can be managed by one person thanks to its light weight.

Inflatable platform Pad

Inflatable Custom platform Pad

Send us your request and we will provide you custom design and quote.