18 Giugno 2016


International Patents

The advantage of Patent Products


The First Climbing Wall has been designed in Italy and Patent Protection has been then extended internationally , thanks to its underwater ladder climbing is now easy and safe even for kids and beginners.

The first prototype of inflatable climbing wall has been developed based on the shape of a rock along the coast in Italy, in the 5 Terre Area. Part of the coast looking at a unique clear azure sea closeby the Unesco Protected Sea National Park. The smooth overhang has been re-designed on the inflatable toy and as on the real rock there are also different paths to reach the top of wall.

A patent product means a unique object with own history, hours of work for development, several prototypes to realize the best product in terms of quality, safety and fun. Buying a patent product ensure client of having a unique certificated object result of human effort and gratify several years of study and development.

Climbing Ladder

For easy and safe climbing experience

Our ClimbingWall has been selected by some of the most important yacht owners to be installed  on yachts of over 80 Mt length as we guarantee safety and fun.

Having an underwater ladder has numerous advantages when it comes to using an inflatable climbing wall. First, it provides a secure and safe way for learners to exit the water and start climbing on an inflatable wall, the ladder helps to break the surface tension of the water, making it easier for the learner to climb up the wall. Thanks to our underwater ladder everyone can enjoy climbing experiences easily , even beginners and kids.

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