Buy or Rent

Climbingwall is a unique and healthy inflatable toy.

It can be used on side of big or small boats and yachts but not only, thanks to its self floating capabilities  can be used also in swimmingpool or at side of docks.

Climbingwall is available for sale but also for rent for special events like the one showed in our pages during Azimut Yachts Randez-vous or during T-Event for Linkedin. It can be easily managed by just 2 person , and thanks to the boosted blower can be inflated in really few minutes.

Our toy is the only one with underwater ladder allowing an easy start from water to every one, specially the beginners but not only. The ladder allow you to start climbing keeping your hands free to use holds and at the same time, being not a floating ladder , is safe in case of fault in the water.



Linkedin Event organized by T-Event Italy