ChateauForm – Resort & Hotel

Climbingwall @CascinaErbatici

In the tranquillity of the Lombardy countryside, but only 50 minutes from Milan and its two airports, a rustic-style nineteenth-century farmhouse with its enjoyable authenticity awaits you. Fully renovated with the latest generation materials, heated with biomass, at Erbatici you will find all the refined, antique charm of a Pavia farmhouse.

In typical red brick buildings, there are 69 rooms where you can be soothed to sleep. In the antique mill, you can give presentations in 12 high-tech meeting rooms with the support of advanced technology. And the Grané can host your events and product presentations.

Our climbing wall can be easily installed on side of swimming pool or lakes as done for Chateauform in Italy. Thanks to its 3 routes and safe underwater ladder, is ideal toy for fun of guests and same time perfect for sport activities .

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